The theoretical master thesis Deconstructing Terrorism explains terrorism as constructed reality. As main architects of this construction it names terrorist groups, countering governments and the mass media. Through analysis of the functioning of communication in (counter-)terrorism over time it attempts to deconstructs the subject.

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From 2016, Master thesis at Design Academy Eindhoven. 

More Info: Terrorism is a communication method. Attacks function as messages conveyed primarily through visual symbols. Until recently the mass media presented the main means of distribution for terrorist groups. While it still plays a significant role in promoting terrorism, contemporary groups have been empowered by technical advance and the invention of the internet. They have come to produce and distribute most material themselves – and create increasingly complex and appealing brands.

Terrorist groups are based on real cultural disruptions in society, which allows them to credibly frame themselves as defensive movements before supporters – while the Western media and governments tend to view them as ultimately evil. The War on terror is branded as a humanitarian mission, but has caused more damage than good and essentially contributed to the globalized issue, that terrorism constitutes today.