A comprehensive research of branding in terrorism resulted in the brand design of a fictitious socialist terrorist group, the SA (Socialist Action). The branding strategy reflects trends in terrorism and is a comment on the link between terrorism in pop culture.

The construction is being used to explain how it functions. A plugin on the website www.deconstructing-terrorism.com makes the branding decisions tra­ce­able over direct links to online research. The current version is a prototype which takes a moment to load. By clicking on the blue elements you will get to the plug-in-layer.
Part of this projects is also a booklet, which offers similar content as the website, with additional narration to the topic.

From 2016, Master project at Design Academy Eindhoven.

More Info: The research was focussed on the RAF as representative of left extremist terrorism, as well as of 20th-century terrorism and on Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIS as contemporary Jihadist representatives. The research further resulted in the separate thesis book
Deconstructing Terrorism.

It is neither the intent of this project to glorify nor to ridicule terrorism, but simply to draw attention to an understudied subject.